“I devoured this book – an appalling pocket of cinematic history, delightfully explored and obsessively researched. Andy Milligan is one scary man.”


 – John Waters (who has repeatedly named THE GHASTLY ONE as one of his favorite books).

“What a movie it would make! What a book it already is! Obsessively researched, written with wit and vinegar, brimful of bizarre tales, unflinching of both its subject and its author — and not a word too long — this is a showbiz biography to place on the shelf with Nick Tosches’ great Dino.”


– Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine

“Nearly 20 years after first being published, Jimmy McDonough’s THE GHASTLY ONE: The 42nd Street Netherworld of Director Andy Milligan remains a classic study of the cinematic demimonde. A compelling, deeply personal portrait of an almost unfathomable figure, it’s a book that could have only been brought to life by the fearless McDonough – an obsessive chronicler of combative, creative iconoclasts from Neil Young to Russ Meyer, Tammy Wynette to Al Green. Now in this lavish, newly illustrated edition, we are plunged even further into the dark recesses of Milligan’s mind, madness and many contradictions. Brilliantly researched, powerfully written, and suffused with a deep humanity, this is exploitation as art, art as exploitation. Magnificent and strangely moving.”


 – Bob Mehr, author of the New York Times bestseller Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements 


“You can’t put it down! The question now is…what will the nice people be doing while you’re reading THE GHASTLY ONE?”


 – Lux Interior, The Cramps

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